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Is a type of colour service in which you can lighten or darken separated strands of hair. Foils often give a more natural effect to the overall colour of your hair. Foils can be weaved or sliced depending on how dramatic you would like the colour to look. For a more natural look fine weaves are appropriate. For a more defined streaky/chunky look the slices or thick weaves would work. The foil is simply used to protect the other surrounding hair from being colored. The rest of your is usually left natural or colored all over with a tint.

What is a highlight?
It’s a colour in a foil that is lighter than your natural or the other colours in your hair. Highlights can brighten up your old colour. 

What is a lowlight?
Lowlights involve darkening strands of hair by using colours that are darker than your natural colour.

Highlighting and low lighting can give your hair more body and shine. Suitable for all hair types, curly, straight, wavy, long or short. 

Why have highlights and low lights?

They’re also a great way to start off dyeing your hair for the first time as you retain your natural shade too. They allow you to have a ‘sun-kissed’ effect with lighter strands running through your hair. They're also great for lighting up the face. 

Want to be blonde? 
This can be achieved with highlights and in some cases low lights. They may result with you having two different tones in your hair. If you have dark hair it is ideal to become blonde slowly by starting with a half a head of foils (this doesn’t include the back or underneath) and next time getting a full head. You most likely won’t achieve the colour you are wanting in the first go, you will become slowly lighter and lighter in each appointment, also your hair won’t become as dry or damaged as it could if you do it all in the one go. Blondes are also high maintenance, expect to be making visits back to the salon every 4-8 weeks, depending on how dark you are, or how fast your hair grows.

There are many ways to keep your hair from becoming brassy at home; purple shampoo, to be used about every second time your wash your hair. There is also toners you can apply onto your hair at home, for longer up keep. It is best to come into the salon just for a toner when you feel like your hair has gone brassy or if you’re not happy with the tone of your hair after a couple of week, after visiting the salon.

In our salons the foil services we do are, Full head, ½ a head, ¾ head and scattered foils. The more foils you have the most expensive it gets. The colour brand we use for hair colour is CHI and INDOLA, 

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