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Hair Treatments are designed to treat your hair when it’s damaged and dry from hair colour, the weather or environment. Hair can be damaged by chemical exposure, repeat of heat when using styling tools like hair dryers, straightening irons, curling wands, perming and in some cases permanent straightening. Treatments help to reconstruct your hair giving moisture and proteins that your hair needs to look and feel healthier and they will penetrate in your hair cuticle, working to repair damage and restore strength and prevent further breakage.

After using the treatment for the first time dont expect to have the best results your hair might still feel quite dry, depending on how damaged your hair is. It may take a couple of treatments until you start seeing or feeling a healthy difference to your hair. It is recommended to apply a treatment once a week. After using treatments regularly if you can’t see any changes in your hair, its good idea to give your hair a small trim and also switch to shampoos, conditioners and products that are especially for damaged hair. You can then continue on using your treatments once a week. When using treatments try not to put a lot of treatment on your hair and also make sure that you do not put it on the roots, but once you put treatment on the ends you can massage through from roots to ends after 15-20 minutes rinse your hair really well. Before treating your hair you must shampoo your hair twice and towel dry it, this will remove all the excess water, also it will prevent the treatment from being diluted down. Using a microfiber towel will soak up 100 times more water than a normal towel. Using heat over your hair while the treatment is on will activate a deeper penetration of the hair treatment product; you can do this at home just by simply soaking a towel in hot water, squeezing out all the excess water, then wrapping it around your head. Although when getting a treatment done in salon we have a heat lamp which helps to absorb more moisture into your hair.

Ways of preventing your hair from becoming dry and damaged:
    Do not straighten your hair every day.
   Keeping your hair natural from any chemicals, such as colour.
    Regular haircuts every 6-8 weeks.
   Stay away from supermarket shampoos; they strip your hair from the natural oils it needs to be healthy, smooth and easy to style.
   Use sulfate, paraben and silicon free shampoos, conditioners and styling products (we sell/use in our salons)
   Shampoo less often.
   Use thermal protection products before styling your hair.

In salon we use organic natural treatments:
    Reconstructing treatment which makes the hair stronger and they are generally protein based. This treatment is recommended if you have chemically damaged hair or breaking weak hair. This treatment won't feel great on the hair at first as they work internally and you may still need a conditioner to make you hair feel smooth.

    Conditioning/moisturizing treatment is great for frizzy, dry hair and for those of you with curly hair that lacks bounce. Will treat all damage conditions from colouring to over drying or over heating your hair. This Treatment will help to smooth the cuticle giving your hair a smoother, shiner, healthier appearance.

There are different types of treatments we can provide according to the hair type such as curly, straight, frizzy, dry, damaged, broken, and to create volume plus many more.

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