Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Fair, smooth and even coloured skin is every women desire. Bleaching is one of the beauty treatment commonly used to get fair and even coloured skin. Bleaching is a process of lightning facial hairs as well as removing any dark spots on the face. It also helps in whitening your skin. Bleaching is done by utmost care.
Bleach helps maintain skin health by removing suntan and preforms a 3-dimensional task, first is camouflages facial hair to match skin colour, it then thoroughly cleanses the clogged pores of the skin by removing the first, making it breathe a lot easier. Lastly it gives instant fairness to the skin, lightening the skin colour by a couple of shades, but also nourishes the skin with the release of active oxgen into the skin.

Oxy bleach is what we use in our salons and it is the latest variety of bleach which is said to be the safest bleach ever. It comes with a pre bleach cream which forms a protective shield on your skin. 

If you have never used oxy bleach before we recommended to do a patch test on your neck first before applying to the whole face. This is easily done by applying a small amount of the bleach to your neck and leaving it on for 10 minutes, this will determine whether you get a reaction to the product or not.

Oxy bleach takes around 5 minutes to apply on the face and depending on your hair type on your face if it is course or fine and how well it covers will determine how long the product will take to process, could be up to 20-30 minutes.
It can be re applied every month. 

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Hair dryers Vs Straightening Irons

As a lot of you may know using flat irons (straighteners) on your hair all the time can be very damaging on the hair, and by having the temperature to hot in some cases it can fry the ends of your hair. Ironing your hair can cause two different types of damage,depending on whether the hair is ironed dry or wet. Ironing dry hair causes racking along the edges of the cuticles, which can lead to chipping. Ironing wet hair causes the moisture to burst out in little steam explosions. This causes bubbling and buckling of the cuticle that appear as tiny hair blisters under magnification. Both types of damage can lead to breakage and slip ends.

Using blow dryer will give you a lot more volume to your hair then a iron would, because when using flat iron you are concentrating on straightening the hair from the roots straight down, but when using a blow dryer you can pull the hair up which will create the volume.

If you have curly/wavy hair and you are finding your using the flat irons a lot on your hair because it takes a long time to straighten, your best option is to dry your hair off first after you wash it with the blow dryer and then blowave it using the brushes. This will smooth out your hair easier and better then what the flat irons would, because you have more chance of getting all the individual hairs that glide through while using the brush.

Using a heat protector spray before using any heat on your hair will protect the top layer of your hair from the heat that comes from irons and blow dryers.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Before & Afters

BEFORE                                             AFTER

BEFORE                                             AFTER - Balayage   
BEFORE                                             AFTER - Ombre

BEFORE                                             AFTER - Red

BEFORE                                             AFTER- Concave Bob

Maintaining Hair Colour

  • Try not to wash your hair every day, and it slowly washes out the toner that we put onto your hair, which results you to having to come back to the salon sooner then usual to get it re toned. Try and wash your hair around every 3 days, the longer you leave your hair unwashed the better as it has time to produce the natural oils in your hair. If you have oily hair and feel like you have to wash it almost every day give dry shampoo a try. 
  • Regular hair trims every 6-8 weeks maintains the healthiness of your hair and gets rid of your split ends to make your hair grow, also bleach of any kind can dry out your hair because in most cases you have to bleach your hair to get the correct result, and bleach almost always leaves your hair slightly damaged this is why haircuts are recommended.
  • Use the irons less because your hair is at the poorest stage especially after you first get your colour done, and can be damaged quite easily. Blowaving your hair instead of using irons will make a massive difference as it can be less harsh on your hair. Before using any heat equipment on your hair use a heat protector spray, this will protect the top layer of your hair from the heat from the irons/blowdryers.
  • Hair treatments produce great results. Applying treatments once a week leaving it on for 10 minutes on your coloured hair can help repair breakage & dry hair. Hydrating, reconstructing and any treatment with protein will give the best results.
  • If you find that the tone of your hair (in most cases if your blonde) starts looking brassy and don't have time to get it re toned in the salon, you can purchase a blonde shampoo from any retailer and use it on your hair just like any shampoo once a week this will help maintain the clean blonde your wanting to keep in your hair.
  • If you have really vibrant red of purple hair, there are ways you can maintain this as much as possible at home. As you may know reds and purples can fade quite quickly especially if you find you are washing your hair quite often, you can purchase a shampoo specifically for the colour of your hair which prevents the colour from fading.
  • Try and avoid swimming in chlorine water, in some cases chlorine has turned blonde hair to slight green tinge, because the chemicals are so strong it grabs on to poorest hair first. To avoid this always rinse your hair straight away after swimming. Salt water tends to strip your toner if you are blonde and can make your hair brassy, can easily be fixed by applying a toner or using blonde shampoo.

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is a process like dyeing hair but only on your eyelashes or eyebrow . A small amount of tint is mixed with a small amount peroxide and applied to the eyelashes or eyebrows during this process. This tint is completely different to what you would use to colour your hair. Many clients that go to beauty salons love getting their eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair dyed all at once. As women and men age, their hair colors change may even turn grey, and they want to look younger with the simple use to tint or dye.The most common colors used when doing eyelash are black and brown. Eyelash and eyebrow tinting only take up to 15 minutes to process the colour. Another reason why people get there eyebrows tinting is if they have coloured there hair quite dark and have light eyebrows, after they have tinted there eyebrows it can make your hair and brows look more natural.

Many people that do not like applying mascara like getting their eyelashes tinted, so that they do not have to worry about putting it on everyday. Eyelash tinting is also very easy to maintain.

Eyebrow and eyelash tints safe for use and a lot of women (and men) enjoy the benefits of it without having had one negative reaction to the dye. If you are worried that you may get a reaction, you can ask for a patch test on your arm, this can be left over night to see if you get a reaction or not. 


Both eyebrow and eyelash tinting last up to 4 weeks.
We provide this service at both of our salons.
Eyebrow - $15.00
Eyelash - $17.00

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