Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Fair, smooth and even coloured skin is every women desire. Bleaching is one of the beauty treatment commonly used to get fair and even coloured skin. Bleaching is a process of lightning facial hairs as well as removing any dark spots on the face. It also helps in whitening your skin. Bleaching is done by utmost care.
Bleach helps maintain skin health by removing suntan and preforms a 3-dimensional task, first is camouflages facial hair to match skin colour, it then thoroughly cleanses the clogged pores of the skin by removing the first, making it breathe a lot easier. Lastly it gives instant fairness to the skin, lightening the skin colour by a couple of shades, but also nourishes the skin with the release of active oxgen into the skin.

Oxy bleach is what we use in our salons and it is the latest variety of bleach which is said to be the safest bleach ever. It comes with a pre bleach cream which forms a protective shield on your skin. 

If you have never used oxy bleach before we recommended to do a patch test on your neck first before applying to the whole face. This is easily done by applying a small amount of the bleach to your neck and leaving it on for 10 minutes, this will determine whether you get a reaction to the product or not.

Oxy bleach takes around 5 minutes to apply on the face and depending on your hair type on your face if it is course or fine and how well it covers will determine how long the product will take to process, could be up to 20-30 minutes.
It can be re applied every month. 

Written by Becc

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