Monday, 21 October 2013

Grey Hair

When will you start getting Grey hair? 
The age at which you’ll get your first gray hair is largely determined by genetics. You'll probably get that first strand of gray around the same age your parents and grandparents started to go gray. However, the rate at which the graying progresses is somewhat under your own control. Smoking is known to increase the rate of graying. In some cases a lot of teenagers aged between 17-20 may start getting their first grey hair. This is can be caused by stress.
  • Why we get more Grey hair at the front area than the back? Can be caused by stress and lack of vitamins. It might be also because of the less sleep as well, but in some cases it might happen because of genetics.

  • Is gray hair resistant? Not all gray hair is resistant, but in most cases it will be especially when they have a thick hair shaft. This is because the hair cuticle is tightly packed down and isn't left open so it makes the hair colour hard to get inside the hair cuticle .This will make the colour process longer over non resistant gray hair, although the gray hair can still be covered 100%.   

  • How can we make gray hair low maintenance? By going lighter. The lighter your hair is coloured the more your gray hair will be blended into your colour and less noticeable. You could also have a lot of blonde foils, this will make your hair last long between visits as the foils will blend in with the gray. You can also go with an all over light colour, this wouldn't last as long as what foils would, but it’s still less noticeable then it would be if you were a brown colour with gray re-growth. 

There are different tones of gray, such as silver, white, dark, ashy and brassy. If you want to remove the brassiness of your gray hair you can use a purple shampoo this will get rid of most of the yellow to orange tones.
The colour brands that we use in our salons are: CHI and INDOLA. Both of CHI and INDOLA give 100% grey coverage.
CHI hair colour is the world’s number one ammonia free hair colour. This colour provides coverage for clients with more than 50% gray hair. Great for you if you’re worried about all the chemicals or even the strong smell hair colour can have.                      
If you want to go for a 100% natural colour to cover your grays there is the option of henna. Although henna will not turn your grays to a natural colour such as brown or black, they will in fact turn a copper/red colour. Henna is made out of natural plants. Coffee or tea can be added to make the henna appear darker on the hair. The more times you apply henna the darker the result each time.
Not liking the colour henna gives to your grey hair? We can fix that by using our CHI or INDOLA 100% grey coverage colour’s over the henna. Although we cannot guarantee that it will cover the entire old henna colour. In most cases the colour that is over the henna will fade out.
The Henna product that we use in our salons is ‘herbal henna’

Written by Becc

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