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Waxing is a type of semi permanent hair removal which removes the entire hair from the root. Waxing is painful as it is pulling out your entire hair; the coarser the hair is the more painful it can be. Depending on your individual self it may take up to 8 weeks or more for your hair to grow back although some people might start seeing re-growth in 1-2 weeks. Compared to shaving that may take just 1 week or less to grow back, this is because when you shave you’re cutting off the top of the hair not pulling them out. Before being able to wax your hair must be at least half a centimeter long, the longer the hair is the longer lasting results. Waxing will not change the pigmentation of your skin, however if you spend time in the sun straight after you have had your waxing done you can burn a lot easier.  Almost any area can be waxed, eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, stomach, arms, legs, bikini line and back.

•    Waxing does not make your hair grow back thicker each time you do it; you might find the hair will grow back less course and quite sparse.
•    Your hair won’t come up darker.
•    It exfoliates the skin; the wax sticks to your skin and removes the top most layers.
•    Your hair will grow back slower, softer and finer.
•    If the hair is waxed often enough it can weaken the follicle and cause permanent loss of hair.
•    The more times you wax the less painful it may get.
•    Minimizes the chance of getting ingrown hairs.

The wax that we use in our salon is an olive based strip wax which is very gentle and less painful when we pull. There are two different types of wax that we use in our salons:
Strip wax - is accomplished by spreading a wax finely over your skin in the direction of hair growth. A strip is pressed, rubbed and is ripped off against the direction of hair growth. We use this strip wax to remove hair from the body area.
Hot wax – Hot wax is applied thickly with no cloth or wax strips. The wax then hardens and cools and it then allows us to pull the wax straight off the area. Thick wax is applied on smaller areas of the body such as your face and the more sensitive areas such as your bikini line or underarms.
In our salons the waxing services we do are;
Face waxing, under arms, legs, arms, stomach, bikini line and back. We do not do Brazilian or men’s’ waxing.

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