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Facials were once thought of as luxury, but facials are now part of our healthy living. Facials provide great benefits to our health and well being. Facial services such as facial massage help to stimulate red blood cells, which encourage production of collagen. Collagen is responsible for skin strength and elasticity, and its degradation leads to wrinkles that accompany ageing. Facial massages helps rid of toxins from underlying skin tissue, thus clean and tone your skin which gives you smoother, firmer and more healthy looking skin.

Facials are a treatment for the face that's meant to cleanse, firm, smooth and moisturize the skin. Many people swear by facials not only as a way to feel relaxed and pampered, but also as a means for making their skin healthier.
Facial exfoliation gently abrades the skin and removes the top layer of dead skin cells. Facial exfoliating helps to hide fine wrinkles, gives your skin a rosy glow and aids in skin cells regeneration.

Our Facials include:
  • Skin analysis:  As not everyone has the same skin type an analysis is done to see what facial best suits your skin and what products we can recommend you. Some people have dry skin, oily skin and combination skin which is oily in some areas and dry in other. We have many different types of facials in our salons. We recommend different facials to our clients according to their skin type, and the amount of time and budget they have.
  • Makeup removal: We remove all makeup from the clients face before we start the facial so that it doesn't spread all the toxins in face while doing the facial.
  • Deep cleansing: Is the preparation to start the facial with. It cleanses the dirt and oils from the facial and neck area. 
  • Steaming: Is necessary during your facial because it opens up your pores, by opening the cuticles of the skin which makes it easier for extractions.
  • Extractions: Involves the removal of white heads and black heads.
  • Exfoliation: Involves the removal of dead skin on your face, with an exfoliating scrub.
  • Mask: A mask is applied to the skin and left on for 15-20 minutes; it hydrates, cleanses and revitalizes your skin after the facial. It is then wiped off, and a moisturizer is applied.

All personalized to suit your individual skin care needs. After your facial we don’t recommended to apply makeup for at least 2-3 hours, the reason is because the pores of your skin are not completely closed.

We have a large variety of facials available at our salons. We have our express facials 30 minutes, standard facials 45 minutes, deluxe facials 60 minutes and super deluxe facials up to 80 minutes. All of our facials range from $30.00 - $69.00

Written by Vee

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