Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage known as "Champissage" in India, is part of the ancient healing system of Ayurveda - the science of life, which is probably the oldest recorded form of medical treatment dating back for thousands of years. This traditional & effective massage is excellent for relieving stress and also promotes relaxation. With many benefits it is also great for general well-being. 

A gentle & highly effective treatment, this relaxing massage has been practiced in Ancient India and other Asian countries over 5000 years

It has played a very important role in Indian life as a principle method of relieving pain and healing. The massage techniques have been passed down through time and can still be seen today performed on street corners, markets and on the beach. There is a rich Indian tradition of family grooming which still exists, different oils and techniques are developed by the women using Almond, Coconut, Mustard, Olive and Sesame oils to keep their hair strong and lustrous and in beautiful condition, Olive and Sesame oils also having the added benefit of being a natural sunscreen, filtering out between 20-25% of the suns harmful rays.

Indian Head Massage incorporates deep thumb and finger pressure, friction as well as soothing effleurage with Oil. These techniques reduce muscular and nervous tension and improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. This oxygenates the cells, flushing out physical and emotional toxins. It stimulates & improves scalp circulation encouraging the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles thus enhancing the nourishment of the hair and revitalizing hair growth.

A full treatment takes between 15-30mins and can be carried out with the client fully clothed in an ordinary chair, so it is a very versatile treatment which can be performed "on site".

What are the benefits of Indian Head Massage?
  • It is an effective treatment for headaches, migraines, eyestrain & insomnia 
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage removing toxins & boosting the immune system 
  • Relaxes the scalp and improve blood circulation. 
  • Promotes secretion of hormones & enzymes for hair growth 
  • Increases oxygen to the brain, bringing clarity 
  • Relaxes the central nervous system 
  • Relieves tension and headaches
  • Alleviates stress, promotes relaxation a popular massage often requested for general well-being
  • Indian Head Massage reaches all energy centers where tension accumulates.

Whilst you are bound to feel great after our Indian head massage, there is a good chance you may not look great. Whether your masseuse has chosen to use oils or not, your hair will look tussled and potentially like you haven't washed out your conditioner from a week ago! Make sure to take a hairbrush and band, or a hat to wear on the way home from your session

Written by Shweta


  1. The Indian head massage, also known by the portmanteau, is based on the ancient Ayurvedic form of healing that dates back almost 4,000 years. It works the upper three chakras: vishuddha, ajna, and sahasrara, [1] and can be used for physical harmony, for healing, for vitality, and for good, old-fashioned relaxation. It is believed that three of the major energy centers of the human body can be found in and around the head. These are the brow, the crown and the throat. Acting on a physical, mental and subtle level, Indian head massage stimulates these important energy centers, so helping to maintain the important balance of energy within the body, which in turn promotes a sense of well being, positive energy and relaxation.

  2. Most human hair weaves come from parts of Asia and India.This is because Indian hair is easily blended with hair of women in other countries.

  3. Hi Sathyam Shonkho,
    thankyou for your comment, well said :)