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What is henna?
Henna is a plant found in India and Middle Eastern countries. The leaves are crushed and made into a powder. It has a fresh cut grass smell and is a dull green colour. For centuries people have used the powder to dye cloth and skin. Warm water is added to the powder to create a thick paste which is then used as hair colour. Henna is 100% natural as there are no additives; it is just the powder and water. The main dying property in henna is lawsone, which gives hair that orange/red colour. Other herbs and plant extracts can be added to make your hair softer and shinier. Because henna is natural the benefits to using it on your hair are great. It is a very good treatment; it covers each hair shaft and builds a protective layer that safeguards the strands from damage. Regular use of henna can make your hair thicker and stronger by locking the essential moisture in the hair.
What henna do we use?

In our salons we use 100% natural henna. Some ingredients include: Aloe vera, green tea, hibiscus, bahera and shikakai.
We always soak the henna the day before we use it. This is done by adding warm water to the powder. Once applied to your hair the henna should be left on for as long as possible. We advise a minimum of 2 hours, however up to 6 hours is good too. The longer you leave it for the darker it will get. The more times you do henna the darker it will go too, this is because each application creates a richer colour. Coffee can also be added to the henna to make the colour a bit darker.

Most clients that have henna done in our salons usually go home after the colourist has applied the colour and do the waiting at home. However clients are welcome to stay in salon and wait for the 2 hours to have the henna rinsed. When rinsing the henna we only rinse with water until the water runs clear and a bit of conditioner if needed. No shampoo is needed, as the product is 100% natural and is like a treatment for your hair, so your hair should be silky and smooth. 

Natural henna will provide a lasting colour for 1 – 3 months. Like all hair colourants, it will begin to fade after a few weeks but, by re-applying henna to the hair every month or two, the colour will build up to a lovely rich shade with minimal fading. Henna also has fantastic conditioning properties. It will give extra body to your hair, making it smoother, softer and easier to brush. Henna will leave your hair glossy, dandruff-free and healthy.

What colour will it be?

Depending on your existing colour the result of henna can vary. If you have grey hair the greys will turn copper. If you already have highlights in your hair they may come up as a copper colour also depending on how light they are. Natural henna will not change dark hair colours it will only give a copper/red tone. 

Henna is a safe and natural alternative to commercial hair dyes. Commercial hair dyes contain chemicals which penetrate the hair shaft, risking damage to the hair structure. With repeated use, hair tends to become dry and brittle.

Written by Enza

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